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The Jehouligans We are a family on a mission. We want to show families how they can discover our beautiful planet on any budget. How traveling and a sustainable lifestyle go hand in hand.

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How can we help your business?

Our aim is to inspire people to bond as a family and to explore their own country as well as the whole world. We want to remove the fear of taking your kids along while discovering new destinations. And last but not least, we offer practical information on how to live and travel sustainably and within budget. We want people to enjoy their time over their money.

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Having a following of around 30000 families we know a thing or two about branding. And even more important: on how to establish yourself as a brand. We can help you to become the brand you want to be. We can work on your social media accounts but also organise a giveaway, show off your product or simply introduce it to our audience.

Social Media

We are most active on Instagram but also use Pinterest, Facebook (for our Flemish audience), Twitter, Tik-Tok and are also working on a podcast. Through the experience we've built throughout the time we know we can service you in whatever way you business is best suited. We can create content for your accounts, website and flyers but can also promote your business on our accounts.

Health Services

As a trained herbologist and healthy food enthousiast I can help you bring the 21st century health-hype into your business. My aim is to implement it in a way it is there to stay. Bringing enthousiasm and ideas that fit your business is our strong side.

Marketing and photography

If your business needs a boost, you are reinventing your brand or you just want to adress a whole new audience, feel free to contact us for help, we can design flyers, make family pictures that show true fun and action, create content for your website or social media accounts.

Our adventures

Feel free to ask us anything about our adventures. We love to share our experiences and to hear about yours!

What They Say About Us.

  • We warmly thank the Jehouligans for their trust and support! (ambassador program Berghen Shoes)

    Caroline Brouckaert Brand and product manager Berghen Shoes
  • Their feed is absolutely gorgeous! They provide tons of inspo about Europe travel and have amazing insta lives with travel professionals!

    Maude Maciak Co-founder Gowhee
  • I'm very happy to hear you guys enjoyed your stay even though the conditions were not great. Thank you for those posts and stories. Definitely let us know next time you plan a vacation so we can talk about our next collab.

    Author image
    M. Kurzweil Online Marketing - Tiroler Zugspitz Area
  • I really like you guys and, other then taking you to nice spots, would love to connect you with other interesting people who go beyond standard tourist offer. Storyslides told the story perfectly. Thank you.

    Damir Korcula Outdoor
  • Thank you so much for the post! The photo is so cute, I love it! Looking forward to continuing working together!

    Author image
    Linn Ödmann Influence Marketing Specialist - Ideal of Sweden
  • Wat een toffe familie! Leuk om te volgen! Neem zeker ook een kijkje op hun Instagram pagina! Een aanrader als je van reizen houdt. :)

    R. Delzeyne One of our followers
  • They're a very nice and kind family. They're doing amazing trip adventures and they share their experiences and tips with us. I really enjoy the pictures they post either here on Facebook or Instagram or the website. I'm a fan of this family. Amazing pictures! Go check their Instagram pictures and follow them for more stories.

    Y. Ait-Khouya Tourist Guide
  • Love to follow this family, not only because they are Belgian too! They have some amazing adventures, and a lot more to come tin the future! If you want some great tips on family travel, you should follow them.

    H. Van Assche Travelblogger - The Global Wizards
  • Une Famille trés sympa, et leur compte Instagram est trés intéressant avec beaucoup des conseils sur les destinations.

    Ismaïl Mhamdi Marco Desert Expeditions
  • Absolutely recommend for a collaboration; easy to communicate and endlessly fun and interesting family.

    Author image
    Management Designhostel Starmo
  • Very professional and lovely family.

    Author image
    Melura Sea Adventures Privlaka
  • The content you've created for us looks really beautiful. Blogs looked really good too.

    Author image
    A. Calcerrada Communication manager Palma Aquarium & Foundation
  • We are in love with your IG, the article and photos! :) :) :) Truely!

    Revi Communication manager Naturaty
  • Jullie maakten erg leuke content, superhappy mee!

    Author image
    D Van Helvert Social media Ekomenu
  • We love it! We love that you are "real" that's amazing!!! Thank you!

    Author image
    Nadja Manager La SOA


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